Create a Shortcut
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Shortcuts are easy to create using copy and paste. For example, to create a shortcut to a folder, first select the folder the Folder Tree, then choose Edit | Copy to copy the folder to the clipboard as a shortcut. Next you select an item and choose Edit | Paste to paste the shortcut into the item's Shortcut Collection. To confirm the shortcut has been created, click the big (Z) button. You can use the copy/paste method to create shortcuts to the following objects:

·Zoot folders and items  
·Files and file folders (copy from Windows Explorer)  
·Web sites (copy text from the web page)  
·Microsoft Outlook items (copy an item or text from the item document)  
·Microsoft Word documents (copy text from the Word document)  

The method used to create a shortcut to any of these resources is the same:

1. Make a selection as follows:  
·If you're working in Zoot, select folders, items, or a chunk of text in the Item Editor.  
·If you are working in your Web browser, select some text from the Web page.  
·If you're working in Microsoft Outlook, select an item or group of items or select some text in the editor window.  
·If you're working in Microsoft Word, select some text from the active document. Note that the document must have been saved to file already.  
·If you're working in Windows Explorer or Zoot's Database Manager, select the files or file folders you want.  
2. From the Edit menu choose Copy (or press Ctrl+C).  
3. In Zoot select the item to which you want to attach the shortcuts you've copied to the clipboard. From the Edit menu choose Paste (or press Ctrl+V).  

Zoot adds the shortcuts on the clipboard to the selected item's shortcut collection. To view the new shortcuts, click the Big (Z) button, which is located just above the Item Editor (left side).

Create a Zoot Shortcut in a Windows File Folder
You can paste Zoot shortcuts into Windows file folders or onto the Windows Desktop. When you paste Zoot shortcuts into the operating system, they function like standard Windows shortcuts. Simply double-click on a shortcut to launch it.

Note: Standard Windows shortcuts have a .LNK file extension. Zoot shortcuts have a .ZNK file extension.

To paste a Zoot shortcut into a file folder or onto the Windows desktop, follow these steps:

1. Open a file folder using Windows Explorer.  
2. Right-click an empty space in the file folder window and choose Paste from the pop-up menu (or press Ctrl+V). Your shortcuts should appear immediately.